8 coffee myths you can stop believing right now

There’s no doubt our beloved coffee can get a bad rap sometimes but if you live and breathe it like we do, you’ll know it’s simply a case (or 10) of misunderstanding.

So we thought we’d debunk a few coffee myths right here so you can be better informed when it comes to the bean that gives us life. Hold onto your cuppa, some of these might blow your mind.

  1. Coffee will help you lose weight
    While it’s true that caffeine does increase your metabolism a little and potentially decrease your appetite momentarily, it’s definitely not enough to help you out with long-term weight loss. Which is a shame isn’t it. Of course, it will give you a little pep in your step so you might feel like doing a little extra exercise and that will absolutely help with weight loss. Winning.

  2. Coffee stunts your growth
    If this one were true, there’d be a lot of very small people around, especially at Byron Beverage Co. While you shouldn’t be giving coffee to kids (for an entirely different reason) there’s not a shred of evidence that it stunts growth.

  3. Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee
    Of course pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake – to 200 milligrams or a standard cup a day – there’s no reason they shouldn’t have any at all. The caffeine can of course be passed onto the baby, but there’s no solid proof that it’s harmful. Choose your own adventure of course.

  4. Coffee causes disease

    It’s a no on this one too. There are no studies that prove drinking coffee cases cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol or any other life-threatening disease. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting caffeine is good for you so happy days. 

  5. A cup of coffee will sober you up
    It’s a sad but true fact that this one isn’t true either, in fact the opposite may be true. Caffeine will of course make you more alert for a time but if you think it’ll help you in situations like driving a car when you still have alcohol in your system, think again.
  1. Caffeine is addictive
    Okay this one is a tiny bit true but not as true as you’ve been led to believe. As we’ve said before, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which may cause a super slight addiction but it’s nothing to write home about. Hardly even worth mentioning, sip away. 

  2. Coffee dehydrates you
    Nope. There’s plenty of water added to your cuppa so it’s safe to say that makes up for any dehydrating effects of the caffeine. You still need to get in those eight glasses a day, don’t be substituting coffee for water but no need to give up the good stuff either.

  3. An afternoon coffee causes insomnia
    So we all know coffee is a stimulant, but it’s also processed through your liver very quickly – within four to seven hours 75% is flushed through – so there’s really no need to worry about not getting your beauty sleep.

 So there you have it. Some of the most spread rumours about coffee, debunked. You’re welcome, now go and enjoy that special cup of coffee or cold brew we know you want it.



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