How it all began; the story behind Byron Beverage Co.

Byron Beverage Co. began like many small businesses do; with the idea to do some good in the world and a whole lot of passion.


Emma, Sam and Tom have always loved high quality, great tasting coffee and if you’re reading this, you no doubt feel that too. Tom and Sam, the bros who brew, are the original Cold Brew Coffee creators, once they started the process of making it, they became obsessed with creating a high vibe, organic cold brew coffee. They loved it so much they knew they had to sell it. 

People started coming from all over the local area to get it and once the siblings decided to grow it into a full-blown business, they started to search for new and innovative ways to transport it across Australia. 


And so, in 2017 Black Nitro Cold Brew coffee in a Can was born. 

As often happens, the process of starting and building the business happened naturally. Tom, Emma and Sam wanted to create a business as a family, but not just any business; something locally made, high quality and that could sustain all of them and that’s exactly what they did. 

Sam and Tom spent a lot of time perfecting their cold brew. To start this was available in kegs and poured through a Kegerator system, just like you’d pour a Guinness on tap. The next challenge was making the product stable without compromising the quality and having it ready to drink wherever you are. 

Eventually they began to produce Australia’s first organic, nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee – which flows direct from the tap and into cans that are distributed to cafes, shops and homes Australia wide. 


The coffee used by Byron Beverage Co. is premium certified organic, single origin and Fairtrade, meaning it’s chemical free and the highest quality organic coffee there is. The team use filtered spring water and the entire process is 70 percent less acidic than hot coffee, meaning it’s also better for the digestive system.  

Ethiopian coffee beans are roasted locally in Byron Bay and, after being cold brewed and infused with Nitrogen, the flavours are amplified to create a beverage that’s unique in both taste and texture and, due to the fact that it’s dairy-free (hooray), it’s more palatable for those who don’t usually drink black coffee.

A real treat for the tastebuds. 

Prior to combing their talents to create the business, Tom was a free-range egg farmer, Emma was a meditation teacher and worked within the organic, wholesale industry and Sam and Tom had run a few businesses together too. 

Today, the trio love working together and say it’s a win/win situation getting to create something they love with their family. 

Stay tuned for more stories about the ins and outs of the people and processes behind Byron Beverage Co. and check out a recipe for morning pick me up here  

The team at Byron Beverage Co.

Byron Beverage Co.

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